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Sat Nam,

Thank you for visiting The Sangat’s site.

A friend taught me the basics of indigo dyeing in 2015. I finished teacher training in Espanola, NM 2016 and envisioned Adi Shakti bomber jackets. I came back to California and began experimenting with indigo, bundle dyeing, tie dye and ice dyeing. I ended up going to Winter Solstice (a kundalini festival in Florida) with 55 turban of these experiments and since then it has continued to grow unexpectedly.

I thought I would be teaching Kundalini yoga after training but I have been busy adorning our teacher’s and future teacher’s heads! This has been an incredible outlet, from working with my hands, the dye, the unique language of dyes, to getting a shop on Etsy, now a website, maintaining balance of life and work, dreaming up photo shoots, and new color ways. This developed into something unexpected and I am very grateful for this project and outlet.

What started as one lesson of indigo dyeing turned into a small business/labor of love, full of experiments, disaster, the unknown, self growth, friendships and a lot of dyed turbans…some not so cute!

-Holly Hoover//Sangat Gobind Kaur

I just want to share a huge THANK YOU to my friends and family that have helped me, modeled for The Sangat, photographed The Sangat and encouraged this endeavor. I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you!