The Sangat
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Inspired by the practice of Kundalini Yoga and teachings of Yogi Bhajan, we create turbans and clothing for the Sangat -- the spiritual community -- using natural dyes and artisan techniques. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in the USA.

This is a creative endeavor that thrives on the communion of colors, science and spirit. Each dyed item is a reflection of a moment in time, of the elements coming together to create a uniquely dyed piece.


Natural Dyeing

We use organic and ethically sourced products to dye our turbans and apparel. Our current practice includes a fermented iron indigo vat, madder root, cochineal, alkanet, cutch, eucalyptus and an array of various roots, leaves, flowers and plant powders for bundle dying.

 Our Turbans

Our standard turban is 2.5 yards long by 22” wide. A more traditional turban is 4 to 5 yards long by 11" wide which we offer on certain items. Feel free to contact us to create a custom order.

The Golden Chain Thread is our signature hem we use to finish the turbans. However, some of the turbans have the option of silver or rainbow hems.

Currently the fabrics we are working with are cotton gauze, light weight cotton and rayon for our turbans. We buy from small, local merchants in Los Angeles.


Turban Tutorials

Turban tying can seem more challenging than it is. We have created a few videos to help with the process! Write to us if you need a bit more guidance. Have fun and know it gets easier and more creative the more you play.